Pam Chapin is a Wayfinder

photo of Pam Chapin smiling

Meet our Blind Babies Foundation program director.

Wayfinder’s Blind Babies Foundation is an early-intervention program in which vision impairment specialists provide home visits to children with vision loss or multiple disabilities.

How do you bring Wayfinder Family Services’ mission to life?
I support our vision impairment specialists so that they can support families with care and skill. I also bring the mission to life through my own work with families. I feel that it is so important to remain deeply connected to the mission by serving families directly. Each child and family teach me something new, and it is essential to keep learning so that we can bring our best to these families.

What’s your Wayfinder compass: the value you most connect with?
Collaborative. We are collaborative at every level, from integrating vision impairment specialists and families into decisions that impact services, to our collaborations with physicians, pediatric ophthalmologists, educators, community partners and university teacher-prep programs. This collaboration supports families and young children with vision loss.

Can you share one of your favorite Wayfinder moments?
In June, we held our annual Family Camp at Enchanted Hills in Napa. My favorite moment was the talent show. Every child of all abilities participated to rousing applause. Sofia used an adapted switch to play music. Mom Tatsiana held a big yellow button to activate bells that spun in a circle to play music, while Sofia’s baby sister played the tambourine in Dad’s arms.•

September 4, 2019