Client Rights and Responsibilities

Client Rights and Responsibilities – Children and Family Services

Wayfinder Family Services is committed to upholding the rights and dignity of all those we serve and treating each person in a fair, respectful manner. Staff review and provide to all clients when beginning services.


  • To be free from discrimination, intimidation, or harassment based on age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, color, religion, political affiliation, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition actual or perceived sexual orientation.
  • To receive services in which there is consistent enforcement of program rules and expectations.
  • To review your service plan and to receive information regarding the plan and any changes to the plan.
  • To receive program information in a manner that is understandable.
  • To be informed of the basic expectation for use of our services.
  • To be informed of the hours in which services are available.
  • To be informed of the rules and expectations that could result in discharge or termination.
  • To be involved in the creation of the service plan and/or goals as applicable to the program in which you are part participating in with our agency.
  • To refuse any service or treatment not legally required.
  • To be given basic information about how to lodge complaints, grievances or appeals and to be allowed to do so without interference or retaliation.
  • To have confidential information be protected and to be informed about when we may be legally or ethically permitted or required to release such information without consent.  If Wayfinder staff learn of or have a reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect of children, the elderly, or dependent adults, they are required to report it to the authorities, including physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or financial abuse.
  • To be given information about any research and the right to refuse to participate.
  • To receive information on fees/expenses before service delivery.


  • To provide full, accurate, timely information to Wayfinder staff.
  • To ask for help when needed.
  • To tell us if services are not meeting your needs.
  • To be available for meetings and services or to work with your Wayfinder staff to reschedule the appointments.


Wayfinder strives to provide excellent services at all times; however misunderstandings or problems may arise.  These can usually be resolved through direct communication with the worker and supervisor; should that not be satisfactory or if you wish to directly utilize it, we also have a formal grievance process.

If you have a disagreement about services provided by Wayfinder, please follow these steps. (For issues regarding home study approval decisions please refer to Wayfinder’s Adoption-RFA Grievance procedure.)

  • First discuss your concern directly with the staff member involved.
  • If the issue is not resolved, please bring the matter to their supervisor.
  • If your concern is not resolved with the supervisor, you may file a formal Grievance by filling out the Grievance Form which is available in the lobby of all our kinship offices or by requesting a Grievance Form (LF55) from any staff person and submitting it within ten business days of the discussion with the supervisor. A staff person will help you if you need any assistance in completing the form. If you wish to use the formal grievance process directly, you may do so by submitting the form within ten business days of the event and/or follow up communication with the involved staff. You will receive a written decision within ten business days of receipt of your written grievance. For full details, please refer to the Grievance Form or ask any staff member.