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An instructional aide assists a young boy who is blind with a Brailler.

A Special School for Mario

Adriana’s biggest concern has always been what will happen to her son, Mario, after she and her husband pass. Fourteen-year-old Mario was born blind and later diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and autism. Mario attended a local public elementary school, but for middle school, his parents sought a more specialized environment. They wanted him to learn…

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A young man sits in front of a bulletin board with a counselor

Darius’ Story of Resilience

Darius has not had it easy. He and his sister were removed from their mother’s care at an early age due to neglect and abuse, so he faces serious emotional challenges. Thankfully, the children were blessed with an amazing caregiver—and now legal guardian—Sylvia, who loves them unconditionally. She has selflessly sacrificed to give them the…

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