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Meet Jason Russell Co-Chair of Wayfinder’s Impact Council

Jason Russell has known about Wayfinder his whole life, beginning when the organization was called Foundation for the Junior Blind. “My grandparents were founding members of the Guiders, a fundraising arm of Junior Blind,” Jason recalls. “My grandparents, uncles, aunts and all of their friends were involved throughout my childhood. My mother was a volunteer in…

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Growing Up at Camp Bloomfield

“Anissa and Emma are growing up with Wayfinder. This year, they got great news.  Camp Bloomfield will be an overnight camp once again this summer!  “I am beyond words,” says Anissa, age 17. Her 13-year-old sister, Emma, chimes in, “I am really excited!”  Anissa and Emma are partially sighted and legally blind. Anissa has central…

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Mateo Is Our Blessing

Doctors told Mateo’s family he would not survive, but he proved them wrong Mateo is a blessing,” says his mother Karinna. Doctors had predicted that Mateo had no future. But in Wayfinder’s Early Intervention Program, the little boy’s progress has inspired his close-knit family. On one fateful day when she was seven months pregnant, Karinna…

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