The Hatlen Center (Residential for Visually Impaired)

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Adults 18 and older who are blind or visually impaired learn to live independently in Wayfinder’s Hatlen Center for the Blind in San Pablo in Northern California. In this immersive residential rehabilitation program, students receive training in their own Hatlen apartment and learn to live on their own. They pay their own rent, plan and cook meals and travel to school, work or recreation. Each client pursues individualized goals that lead to a confident transition to a life of their own. Students may attend school or work part time while attending the Hatlen Center.

Adults 18 and older who are blind or visually impaired and want to take the next step toward living an independent life.

Applications are accepted from students throughout the United States.

A student of The Hatlen Center independently guides herself through a grocery store using a white cane

After high school, Madison, who has optic nerve hypoplasia, decided to continue living at home while she attended her local community college. As much as she enjoyed the security and stability of staying at home with her family, she yearned to be independent. So, she boldly took a semester off school and enrolled in Wayfinder's Hatlen Center.