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Special Education School

Children with profound special needs improve their lives in Wayfinder’s special education school, which is a state-certified non-public school. In a safe, positive learning environment, students maximize their levels of independence. Wayfinder provides the least restricted environment for our students.

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Children and youth, ages 5 to 22, with moderate-to-severe disabilities and varying levels of medical, physical and behavioral challenges. Students’ diagnoses include autistic behaviors, seizure disorders, severe neurological problems, hyperactivity, chronic heart disorders, cerebral palsy or fetal alcohol syndrome. Visual impairment is not a prerequisite for enrollment.

We serve children from school districts throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. Students do not need to live in Los Angeles County to attend.

Isaias has multiple disabilities, including vision impairment, and uses a wheelchair. His parents, Hector and Marian, chose Wayfinder’s school because it could meet their son’s different needs. “The school has more therapists in-house who can help him,” says Marian. “The student-to-adult ratio is low. And he has a small class size.”