Camp Bloomfield

Wayfinder’s Camp Bloomfield has been sharing the joys of the great outdoors with our children and families since 1958. The program offers activities adapted for children of all ages and abilities and gives them a natural and safe environment to develop self-esteem and build independence. Camp Bloomfield is the only one of its kind for children with multiple disabilities and blindness in the State of California that is offered free of charge to participants.

Choose the right Camp Bloomfield experience for you, your child or family:

Camp Bloomfield 2024: Traditional Summer Camp

Our traditional program promises three sessions of recreational and camping programs for all ages and abilities, set in a safe and natural environment. Despite the loss of our beloved Malibu site, we’re actively seeking the perfect new location to cater to our campers’ needs. Join us on this Wayfinder journey.

This year, each session will unfold at a different location:

Adult Camp: June 8-12 at Lions Camp at Teresita Pines (near Wrightwood, CA)
Youth/Teen Camp: June 17-22 at Pathfinder Ranch (near the San Bernardino National Forest)
Family Session: July 1-5 at Mount Kare (near Wrightwood, CA)

To learn more about each location, see the 2024 CAMP LOCATIONS tab.

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Registration will close: Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

Camp Bloomfield 2024: Inclusive Summer Camp

Expanding on the success of our initial inclusive summer camp program in 2023, we’re thrilled to continue the program in partnership with Camp Bob Waldorf for a second year. Driven by the lessons learned and positive outcomes, our vision is to expand this program, allowing our kids to have fun and experience summer camp alongside their sighted peers. They’ll feel secure while learning independent life skills from their sighted friends, teaching their peers about vision loss and inclusion, and contributing to breaking barriers for our blind and visually impaired community.

Camp Bloomfield staff will collaborate with Camp Bob Waldorf to integrate up to 24 blind and visually impaired campers, aged 7-17, into an existing summer camp session attended by over 100 sighted children.

Youth/Teen Inclusion Camp: July 20-28 at Camp Bob Waldorf in Glendale, CA

Camp Bob Waldorf will host open days for parents interested in touring the camp location on February 25, 2024, and March 31, 2024.

To apply for this session, you must first submit an interest form. After submission has been received, you will be contacted by Wayfinder staff with next steps.

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Audrey, age 15, had lost much of her vision only nine months before she arrived at camp. Doctors had removed a brain tumor that was pressing on her optic nerve. Post-surgery, she has a small circle of vision, without top, bottom or peripheral sight.