Mental Health Services

Youth, adults and families receive compassionate assistance with Wayfinder’s mental health services. Wayfinder provides a wide range of emotional and behavioral counseling services to help clients build skills to cope with traumatic experiences, unstable environments, abuse, neglect, loss of sight and more. Wayfinder’s mental health services are offered on our Los Angeles campus and in the surrounding communities.

Young people who have been impacted by the foster care system, especially children who are medically fragile, multi-disabled or chronically ill, as well as individuals and families who need assistance coping with the effects of sudden or gradual vision loss.

As 19-year-old Kelsey walks across her college campus, she greets friends and classmates. People know her as a dedicated student and a kind person. What they don’t know is that sheer determination got her here … or how much she endured in the child welfare system...