Wayfinder + Lilliput Merger FAQs

Why are you merging? Is one or both organizations fiscally challenged?
No. Both organizations are financially healthy. This merger is driven by strategy and not driven by financial crisis. We have complementary programs, services and missions. A merger will enable us to achieve greater organizational strength and growth, benefiting those we serve and our staff. The leadership of both organizations have known each other for a long time and recognize the potential successes we could achieve by combining expertise and expanding our geographic footprint and impact. Combined, we will have 106 years of experience!

When will the merger be effective?
We have started the integration process and anticipate that the merger will be complete before the end of 2020.

Will the leadership of either organization change?
We will be merging two very dynamic management teams and staffs. Miki Jordan, who has led Wayfinder for 14 years, will be our president and chief executive officer. Karen Alvord, who has worked for Lilliput for the last 30 years and led the organization as chief executive officer for the last 14 years, will assume the role of Wayfinder’s Executive Vice President and Chief Impact Officer, with oversight of Lilliput’s operation as well as some statewide functions.

Will any staff lose their jobs?
We do not anticipate that any employees will lose their jobs as a result of this merger. In fact, the merger is strengthening our state-wide reach and impact, which may create more opportunities for staff.

How will this change our services?
All programs and services will remain intact. In fact, this merger will allow us to combine our core competencies and enhance our impact. We are excited about blending the unique skill sets of each agency to make us a stronger organization. Over time, we will be able to serve more children, youth and families in more geographic areas throughout California.

How will this expand our geographic footprint?
Our service area will span across California, making us one of larger and most comprehensive social service organizations in the state. All office locations will remain the same.

Will the name of the organization change?
Lilliput and Wayfinder have excellent reputations and great name recognition. We will leverage the power of both brands and emerge with an identity that includes Lilliput and Wayfinder.