Holiday Carnival Volunteer Registration

Holiday Carnival 2019: Volunteer Registration Form

Saturday, December 14, 2019 Wayfinder Family Services’ Campus 5300 Angeles Vista Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043


  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Minimum age to volunteer is 16 unless prior authorization is granted. Please contact Esther Clark at with questions.
  • Please also note if you signed up with another person/other people with whom you would like to be placed.


  • In consideration of the acceptance of my participation in the following activity: WAYFINDER’S HOLIDAY CARNIVAL, I the undersigned, intending to be legally bound, do hereby for myself (including heirs, executors, administrators and assigns) forever waive, release and discharge any and all rights, claims and actions for damages that I may have, or that may hereafter accrue to me against WAYFINDER FAMILY SERVICES, including all of their officers, directors, members and volunteers. I attest and verify that I am physically able to participate in this activity. I further understand that accidents and injuries can arise out of the event; knowing the risks, nevertheless, I hereby agree to ASSUME ALL RISKS OF PERSONAL INJURY, PERMANENT, TEMPORARY, TOTAL OR PARTIAL DISABILITLY, DISFIGUREMENT, PARALYSIS AND ANY OTHER LOSSES OR DAMAGE TO PERSON OR PROPERTY OR DEATH, sustained while participating in, attending, preparing for or traveling to and from the above described activity, including the risk of negligence of WAYFINDER FAMILY SERVICES or hidden, latent or obvious defects in the facilities or equipment used. For those over 18 years of age, I acknowledge and agree that this is a legally binding agreement. For those under 18, I have had my parent or guardian read through and affirm this agreement.
  • In consideration of the acceptance of my participation in the following activity: WAYFINDER’S HOLIDAY CARNIVAL, I agree if any claim for personal injury or wrongful death is commenced against WAYFINDER FAMILY SERVICES, including all of its officers, directors, members and volunteers. I will defend indemnify and hold harmless WAYFINDER FAMILY SERVICES from any and all claims or causes of action for personal injuries, property damage or wrongful death that hereafter accrue, arise out of, result from, or are caused directly or indirectly by my participation in this activity.
  • In the course of volunteering, I may be dealing with confidential information and I agree to keep said information in the strictest confidence. I understand that taking and/or posting photos of any student or family member on social media sites is strictly forbidden. Furthermore, I agree that any contact via social media with students and their families that may occur during my personal time and with the permission of the student and/or parent if a minor, shall be with full knowledge of the Associate Director of Special Events & Volunteer Resources, meet the objectives of the designated plan for students and their families and be approved and be determined by Wayfinder Family Services to be in their best interest. Permission is hereby given to Wayfinder Family Services to use audio, video recordings, photographic and electronically created images for public view, including publications, websites or social media sites. Usage of any images or audio is without compensation to said person or to the undersigned on his/her behalf or individuality.