Blind Babies Foundation

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Young children in Central and Northern California who are blind or visually impaired and may have additional disabilities receive critical early intervention and education services from Blind Babies Foundation, a program of Wayfinder Family Services. Children increase visual functioning, sensory awareness, communication and social skills, as well as improve physical, cognitive and emotional development. Families learn to become successful advocates for their children’s education and care. Our vision impairment specialists collaborate with family members, medical professionals, caregivers and teachers.

Children from birth to age 3 who have vision loss—and many with additional disabilities—in 14 Central and Northern California counties.

Blind Babies Foundation’s services extend to the following regional centers: San Andreas Regional Center, Golden Gate Regional Center, North Bay Regional Center, Regional Center of the East Bay, Central Valley Regional Center, Kern Regional Center.

Baby Mackenzie crawls in the grass during a beeper egg hunt

When Mackenzie was first diagnosed with CHARGE Syndrome, doctors told her parents that the majority of her vision would be non-existent. Fortunately, they had Blind Babies Foundation and Mackenzie's resilient determination to carry them through that difficult time.