President’s Welcome

Miki Jordan - Wayfinder Family Services

As of January 2018, Junior Blind is now Wayfinder Family Services!

Since 1953, Wayfinder has responded to changing needs in our community by expanding our services to reach more people than ever before, from those with vision loss or profound special needs to foster youth with serious medical conditions or trauma and their families.

In 2017, we embarked on a journey to find a new name that better reflects our role in serving children, adults and families with varied challenges. We considered our history, listened to our constituents and assessed the needs of our community. As we celebrate our 65th anniversary in 2018, we are proud to become Wayfinder Family Services.

In Wayfinder Family Services, we found a name that signifies our important work in partnering with those we serve—both visually impaired and sighted—so they can find their way to reach new heights.

Thank you for embarking on the next 65 years with us. Together, we are Wayfinders!

Learn more about our journey to Wayfinder Family Services.