Wayfinder’s Legacy Society

Our Legacy Society honors the generosity and kindness of those who have chosen to remember Wayfinder Family Services in their estate plans. Members enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Recognition in Wayfinder’s publications*
  • The opportunity to share your personal story with others
  • Invitations to special programs
  • A personal tour of Wayfinder’s programs
  • A subscription to Wayfinder’s New Heights newsletter
  • The satisfaction of knowing that your legacy will help future generations of children, youth, adults and families facing the greatest challenges.

*Members wishing to keep their provisions to Wayfinder private can be listed as anonymous.

Members of Wayfinder’s Legacy Society

We are deeply grateful to the following individuals who have made provisions for Wayfinder in their estate plans.

Estate of Janet Andersen
Mindy and Bryan Arenson
Anne Baker
Marjorie and John Bancroft Esq.
Charles Bellone
Mitzi Bennett
Julie Bernas-Pierce
Matilde V. Berne
Irving and Jackie Blum on behalf of Otis Blum
Sheila Bonito
John Borrogan
Estate of Mabel E. Bradford
Angela L. Brown
Estate of Margaret and Robert W. Buttrey
Rhonda Fleming Carlson
Sinart Chaijenkit
Rutita Chaisakulchai
Meiling Chang
Peter S. Clark
Le Roy Couts
Vernon Crowder
Felipe N. Cuevas
Hector A. Curiel Sr.
Zarui and Zeynal Darukyan
Estate of Carolyn and Carl De Dionisio
Migdalia and Silvio Del Castillo
West C. Delton
Zenaida M. Deromo
Jeannie L. Dimter
Lin S. Dorfman
Hung Duong
Estate of Gwennie Edwards
Sue and William Ehmig
Elaine S. Elkin
Sheila and Jeff Evron
Gary M. Fisher
Estate of Elaine H. Fleishman
Don Fraley
Adele Freulich
The Gamore Family
Estate of Elsie and Harold Gelber
Estate of Abraham Goshgarian
Robert F. Green
Allan Gummerus
Thelma and Heinz Hanau
Laura M. Hardy
Elizabeth and Steven Harris
Judit Harris
Estate of Charlotte Henning
Luella B. Hill
Wayne Hilton
Harriett E. Hollingshead
Mr. and Mrs. C.R. (Bob) Holmes
Dr. Creig S. Hoyt
Geraldine and Gordon Jakobsson
Roberia W. Jones
Miki Jordan and David Emenhiser
Helen A. Kahawaii
Carole and Michael Kamper, M.D.
Tish Mori and William Kartozian
Samorntip and Khongsak Khosawad
Estate of Adele S. and Eugene A. Klein
Estate of Gertrude Klein
Doris Knell
Palmer C. Langdon
Elizabeth Lange
Trinh Le Tse
Estate of Pauline W. Ledeen
Estate of Beatrice Leff
Curtis Leseman *
Estate of Paul and Mary Letl
Gertrude Levitt
Bert O. Levy *
Ted and Georgia Lumpkin, Jr. *
Ludmila Manko and Fred Coleman
Yuzuru Mashimo
Estate of Richard M. McAllister
Theresa M. McAvinue
Marilyn J. McDonnell
Kenneth A. Meersand
The Michael Family Trust
Barbara Miller *
Miller Family Trust
Raymond and Margaret Mion
Susan and Victor Miranda
Magda L. Mito
Estate of Diane and Harold Mondschein
Estate of Evelyn Moriarty
Marilyn Murata
Estate of William N. Nelson
Dr. Jose and Freda Nessim
Thomas Neville
Yvonne and Donald Owens
Beverly F. Padway
Estate of Louis Palatt
Sheryl G. Parker
Estate of Morris Patton
Bernard W. Pipkin
Marcella and Henry Poitras
Charles L. Polep
Amorette L. Preston
Madelyn and Arno S. Prinz
Marie and Isaac Richman
Joan A. Risse
Fred Robbins
Estate of Samuel N. Robinson
Estate of Nery Ronell
Martha Rosales
Kathleen and Roxy Roth
Paula and Jason Russell
Thomas Safady
Estate of Lt. Col. Julius K. Schnapp
Toby B. Schoolman
Susan A. Shapiro
Virginia and Samuel Shappiro
Frances T. Silberman
Ruth H. Silverman
Denise and Scott Smith
Lydia Smith
Shirley A. and Stanley J. Smithtro
Kathleen Soper
Estate of Hannelore L. Spielman
Estate of Jesse L. Strickland
Albert Taffoni
Kirk G. Troy
Petal Turner
Eileen N. Ulrich
Stephen Vaughan
Felipe D. Vela
Sanford B. Weiss
Susan and David Wilstein
Estate of Lenore L. Winter
Burkart Wolf *
Susie C. Yale
Andrew Zaltman
Juanita L. Zinsmeister
And those who wish to remain anonymous

* Charitable Gift Annuitant