Welcome our Newest Wayfinder

Welcome Isaias, the newest student in Wayfinder’s Special Education School! His happiness and good nature draw everyone to him.

Isaias has multiple disabilities, including vision impairment, and uses a wheelchair. His parents, Hector and Marian, chose Wayfinder’s school because it could meet their son’s different needs. “The school has more therapists in-house who can help him,” says Marian. “The student-to-adult ratio is low. And he has a small class size.”

With four teachers and 20 instructional aids for about 40 pupils, students at our Special Education School receive the individual attention they need.

On the first day, Hector and Marian told the school staff that Isaias would need music to stay calm during the day. “He cried a little the first day,” Marian remembers. Hector adds, “But his adjustment was really fast. Within a matter of days he felt comfortable.”

On Isaias’ third day, he did not need his music anymore. He was ready to join every activity! “He loves cooking activities, art activities, anything messy,” says his teacher, Sheila Thomas. “He is very curious, and he gets along with his peers.”

When asked about their goals for Isaias, his parents answer simultaneously, “We want him to be more independent, to be able to do more things for himself.”

At school, he practices feeding himself. He can put finger food in his mouth, which is an important step toward independence. “But he misses his mouth with the spoon, so food goes all over,” says his teacher. “So cute! He’s working on it.”

Hector and Marian can tell Isaias loves his new school because they see a difference in their little boy. “He is excited to go to school,” says Marian. “He is happier overall.”

“Yesterday morning, he surprised us because he cried,” Marian says. “But not because he didn’t want to go to school. He wanted to leave right away to go to school, but it was too early!”

Hector is very grateful to have found Wayfinder’s Special Education School for Isaias. “He is receiving love and being treated well,” he says. “He receives so much attention here. It’s like we are taking care of him at home.”

Marian is very impressed by Isaias’ teacher, instructional aide and therapists. “I can’t even describe how I feel about them. I am beyond grateful,” she says. “They communicate daily with us, and the information is so detailed that we feel we are part of his day.”

When asked to describe their youngest son in three words, Marian and Hector choose “happiness, union and love.” Why union? “He brought the family closer together,” says Marian. “He united us all. He taught us that love comes in many different ways.” •

May 29, 2019