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The Haven

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The Haven is Wayfinder’s foster care program for unaccompanied minors recently arriving in our country. These children embark on perilous journeys to the United States, seeking refuge from violence, poverty, natural disasters, abuse, discrimination, gender-based violence, human trafficking and other dire circumstances. They are one of the most vulnerable groups of children in foster care and need secure, nurturing environments so that they can thrive.

The impact of fostering:

  • Help a refugee feel secure, appreciated and connected as they navigate life in our country.
  • Provide emotional support and a place free from violence.
  • Establish a significant, healthy relationship with a child who may be grieving or traumatized.
  • Assist with education, planning, and providing resources.

Download the program flyer.

We assist you on your journey through the foster process by providing:

  • Foster care training sessions at no charge
  • Generous monthly stipend to assist foster families with providing adequate care
  • 24-hour emergency phone line answered by our expert staff
  • Individualized plans for our unaccompanied minors and families and assistance in implementation
  • After-care and support services following placement
  •  Assistance in accessing community resources, such as tutoring or homework assistance.