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My Three Sons, Because I am Their Father

Why would a person choose to fly from San Francisco to Switzerland, spend one night, fly back to San Francisco for a night at home, then fly to Frankfurt the next day? Three adopted sons! Dennis always wanted to be a parent. “Even growing up gay, I knew, somehow, I wanted to have that experience,”…

A Friend Becomes Family

Lara and David Bronson*, who are parents to 14-year-old Dylan and 17-year-old Myla, thought they might like to be foster parents … someday. Maybe when their son and daughter were out of the house. But someday came much sooner than the Bronsons ever expected! Since kindergarten, Dylan had been friends with a boy named Cory….

Hope for Axton

“The longer we are with Wayfinder, the more independence and freedom that Axton has,” says Arlisha, mother of 4-year-old Axton, who receives Wayfinder’s Child Development Services. Axton is a happy, funny, affectionate boy. He was born with an exceedingly rare genetic disorder. “The doctors couldn’t tell me much,” Arlisha says. “There are only three cases…