A Family Affair

Angela Brown - Wayfinder Family Services

Angela Brown has faithfully volunteered at Wayfinder Family Services for more than 50 years. “When I was 10 years old, I went to the circus with my mother as a volunteer and we escorted children from what was then the Foundation for the Junior Blind,” remembers Angela. “We all had so much fun together.” Her mission was to be the “eyes” for children.

Angela’s family has a long history of supporting Wayfinder. Her mother and father, Gil and Vera Brown, began their ardent support in the 1950s and included Angela. Also, Angela has supported the organization financially her entire adult life. To continue her family’s legacy, Angela has included Wayfinder Family Services in her estate plans.

Angela’s mother, Vera, a trailblazer in the beauty industry in Los Angeles, spent countless hours pampering the young women in Junior Blind programs. Her father was on the board of directors.

Gil and Vera Brown stand in front of a sign advertising the Foundation for the Junior Blind
Angela’s father, Gil, a real estate developer, with his wife, Vera, promoting the Foundation for the Junior Blind, now Wayfinder Family Services, at one of Gil’s properties

As Angela volunteers and continues many of the traditions that Vera started, including pampering the mothers of our students and volunteering in our after-school program for children, she listens to the powerful stories of our families. “So many mothers have told me how Wayfinder has gone to bat for their family,” says Angela.

Her thoughts on the new name? “Everybody who has worked at Junior Blind or volunteered there has been a Wayfinder all along.”

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January 1, 2018