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Setting the Gold Standard in Special Education

Representatives from the California Department of Education and Los Angeles Unified School District said they were “blown away” by the quality of distance education that Wayfinder is providing to students in its Special Education School during the pandemic. Our school enrolls children and youth, ages 5 to 22, who are visually impaired or have moderate-to-severe…

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Wayfinder Moments Fall 2020

Porch Drops When California instituted a stay-at-home order in response to the pandemic, Wayfinder staff knew that many of our families would struggle to secure the necessities. Our early intervention specialists and foster care workers contacted families to learn their needs. Staff prepared customized packages using items donated by our in-kind partners. We called the…

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Thomas Needs Us Now, More Than Ever

Our hearts go out to you and all members of the Wayfinder family in these challenging times. We hope you are faring well. The COVID-19 pandemic is difficult for everyone, but especially for our most vulnerable clients. Ten-year-old Thomas has nowhere else to go. Born with intellectual disabilities, he lives in a Wayfinder group home…

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Special Education School Tip: Learning Moments During the Day

#WayfinderClassroom tip from our Special Education Principal: “We know that it can be challenging for families to prompt their children through a whole day of functional school activities, but just look for learning moments throughout the day: For example at meal time, use directional words and prepositions: “Put the straw in the cup” or “the cup…

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Special Education Resources During the COVID-19 Crisis

Our Special Education School is physically closed due to the COVID-19 crisis but learning hasn’t stopped! Our amazing school staff immediately sprang into action to deploy a distance learning plan even before the closure! Check out this schedule of activities they put together and share with other families who may need activity ideas. (Special thanks to the Behavioral Interventions…

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little girl with big gift under holiday tree

Wayfinder is Home for the Holidays

Did you know? Many of the children in our residential programs call Wayfinder home during the holiday season. Thanks to your support, our young residents can enjoy these special Wayfinder moments: A Gift from Santa Just two days before Christmas, 5-year-old Sharon was removed from her home due to extreme neglect and placed in The…

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Welcome our Newest Wayfinder

Welcome Isaias, the newest student in Wayfinder’s Special Education School! His happiness and good nature draw everyone to him. Isaias has multiple disabilities, including vision impairment, and uses a wheelchair. His parents, Hector and Marian, chose Wayfinder’s school because it could meet their son’s different needs. “The school has more therapists in-house who can help…

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Sweet Sixteen for Elaine

Before 16-year-old Elaine was enrolled in Wayfinder’s Special Education School four years ago, her mother Yaheni described her daughter in one word: frustrated. “She didn’t want to go to school or get out of the bed and go on the bus,” Yaheni recalls. “Since attending Wayfinder, I’ve seen such a drastic change in Elaine—she’s very…

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A Loving Home for Amergin

Loving, curious and fun, Amergin is blind and was diagnosed with autism. He is also nonverbal and active…very active. At 5 years old, he was filled with energy, but without sight, Amergin struggled to make sense of the world around him. And without a voice, he couldn’t express his needs or discontentment. He communicated his…

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An instructional aide assists a young boy who is blind with a Brailler.

A Special School for Mario

Adriana’s biggest concern has always been what will happen to her son, Mario, after she and her husband pass. Fourteen-year-old Mario was born blind and later diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and autism. Mario attended a local public elementary school, but for middle school, his parents sought a more specialized environment. They wanted him to learn…

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