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Thomas Needs Us Now, More Than Ever

Our hearts go out to you and all members of the Wayfinder family in these challenging times. We hope you are faring well. The COVID-19 pandemic is difficult for everyone, but especially for our most vulnerable clients. Ten-year-old Thomas has nowhere else to go. Born with intellectual disabilities, he lives in a Wayfinder group home…

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Become an Adoption Mentor

Adoption Support Mentors Needed in Los Angeles! Join Wayfinder and become a mentor to parents or children going through the adoption process:   Parent Mentors: Are you an adoptive parent who wants to help other parents navigate their adoption journey? Adoptive parents who completed the adoption process will partner with parents currently going through a…

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We Believe in Building Resilience

“She’s my daughter.” — Josefina, Heather’s foster mother Heather has come a long way. The 7-year-old who threw things and hit walls during her tantrums is now an 18-year-old college freshman. Heather’s resilience and intelligence were always inside her. But she needed someone to bring out the best in her. That someone was Josefina, the…

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Healing Begins in The Cottage

A young boy, Jimmy, was left alone in the South Los Angeles apartment he shared with this mother. Addicted to drugs, she often left him alone. He would regularly awaken to strangers in his home or an empty home without a trace of his mother. Although she always came back, he never knew what to…

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Virginia is a Life-Changer!

“That’s not for me,” Virginia remembers thinking when she heard a radio ad encouraging people to become foster parents. “Then I felt guilty.” She asked God to give her a sign if he wanted her to be a foster parent. “The next day, I saw a great big sign saying ‘become a foster parent’ as…

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