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She Started Seeing

Gina was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first foster child. After having two biological children, she and her partner were ready to adopt. “She was supposed to be a perfectly healthy 3-month old,” Gina remembers. “But when she arrived, she was only 6 weeks old.” And something was very wrong with baby Kennedy. Kennedy…

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Wayfinder is Home for the Holidays

Did you know? Many of the children in our residential programs call Wayfinder home during the holiday season. Thanks to your support, our young residents can enjoy these special Wayfinder moments: A Gift from Santa Just two days before Christmas, 5-year-old Sharon was removed from her home due to extreme neglect and placed in The…

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Paying it Forward to a New Generation

“I had wonderful teachers who knew I was going to be successful,” says Caitlin Hernandez, graduate of Wayfinder’s Blind Babies Foundation early intervention program and teacher of children with disabilities. “I want to pay this forward.” Caitlin, now age 29, was born blind. “I have light perception but no functional vision,” she explains. When Caitlin…

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Elizabeth’s Path to Independence

“Before Elizabeth was born, I had never met a blind person,” says Gina, Elizabeth’s mother. Back then, Gina and her husband, Greg, wondered, How should we play with Elizabeth? Should we limit her activities? What will her life be like when she grows up? Wayfinder was there with the answers. When Elizabeth was 6 weeks…

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iPhone Accessibility Workshop: Assistive Technology Training

Our Assistive Technology Training program is offering a  3-day intensive IPhone accessibility workshop on December 16, 17 and 18. Attendance requires approval from your Department of Rehabilitation counselor. Read below for more information and registration information! Adults with visual impairment will learn how to fully utilize their iPhone and maximize its functions for use in…

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A Journey That Creates Lasting Bonds

Meet an Inspiring Wayfinder Family “Tatsiana is a joy,” says Pam Chapin, program director and vision impairment specialist with Wayfinder’s Blind Babies Foundation program in Northern California. “No one can meet her without falling in love with her.” “I love Pam,” says Tatsiana, mother of Sofia, who was in our Blind Babies Foundation program for…

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silhouette of parent and child holding hands at sunset

Pam Chapin is a Wayfinder

Meet our Blind Babies Foundation program director. Wayfinder’s Blind Babies Foundation is an early-intervention program in which vision impairment specialists provide home visits to children with vision loss or multiple disabilities. How do you bring Wayfinder Family Services’ mission to life? I support our vision impairment specialists so that they can support families with care…

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Welcome our Newest Wayfinder

Welcome Isaias, the newest student in Wayfinder’s Special Education School! His happiness and good nature draw everyone to him. Isaias has multiple disabilities, including vision impairment, and uses a wheelchair. His parents, Hector and Marian, chose Wayfinder’s school because it could meet their son’s different needs. “The school has more therapists in-house who can help…

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Star student Shane Aguilera with Stevie Wonder and Wayfinder chief operating officer Jay Allen

Shane is a Wayfinder Star

Shane Aguilera got an early start on his achievements. At age 2, he began playing the piano. He started competing in the Wayfinder Paralympics (previously named the Junior Blind Olympics) when he was just 6 years old. He added guitar-playing to his talents, as well as composing his own music. And he released a solo…

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