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A New Beginning for Tara

Candice got an urgent phone call from social workers. A baby named Tara desperately needed a loving home. Little Tara had been exposed to drugs in the womb. And she had had a severely traumatic experience at only 5 weeks of age that compelled social workers to remove her from her birth parents. Tara needed…

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Wayfinder Moments Fall 2020

Porch Drops When California instituted a stay-at-home order in response to the pandemic, Wayfinder staff knew that many of our families would struggle to secure the necessities. Our early intervention specialists and foster care workers contacted families to learn their needs. Staff prepared customized packages using items donated by our in-kind partners. We called the…

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Meet Vilay Ortega, a regional manager from our early intervention program

Wayfinder’s early intervention program provides home visits to children with vision loss or multiple disabilities. During the current COVID-19 crisis, specialists are providing virtual visits statewide via the web or through phone calls. How do you bring Wayfinder Family Services’ mission to life? You don’t work only with the child in early intervention. It is…

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She Started Seeing

Gina was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first foster child. After having two biological children, she and her partner were ready to adopt. “She was supposed to be a perfectly healthy 3-month old,” Gina remembers. “But when she arrived, she was only 6 weeks old.” And something was very wrong with baby Kennedy. Kennedy…

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Paying it Forward to a New Generation

“I had wonderful teachers who knew I was going to be successful,” says Caitlin Hernandez, graduate of Wayfinder’s Blind Babies Foundation early intervention program and teacher of children with disabilities. “I want to pay this forward.” Caitlin, now age 29, was born blind. “I have light perception but no functional vision,” she explains. When Caitlin…

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Elizabeth’s Path to Independence

“Before Elizabeth was born, I had never met a blind person,” says Gina, Elizabeth’s mother. Back then, Gina and her husband, Greg, wondered, How should we play with Elizabeth? Should we limit her activities? What will her life be like when she grows up? Wayfinder was there with the answers. When Elizabeth was 6 weeks…

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Meet Hector and Maria

Meet Hector and Maria  Parents of Elena, a Child in the Early Intervention Program When you first came to Wayfinder, what was your biggest obstacle? What did Wayfinder do to help you overcome it and thrive? Elena was born at 24 weeks. Our biggest worry was, what was she going to be behind on? And…

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