A special Friendship from Wayfinder’s Special Education School

Jordan, age 13, and Danielle, age 14, ride the school bus together to Wayfinder’s Special Education School. The school enrolls children ages 5 to 22 who have profound special needs.

Jordan is a happy, cheerful teenager with autism spectrum disorder, an intellectual disability, and difficulty speaking. Danielle, who delights school staff and students with her beautiful singing voice, is blind and has developmental delays. They are in different classes, so their primary contact is on the school bus.

Jordan is an only child. “I was worried about Jordan not having a friend,” says his mother, Jerilynn.

Jerilynn noticed that on the bus, Danielle talks to Jordan even if Jordan cannot respond. When he gets on the bus, Jerilynn hears Danielle say, “Good morning, Jordan. How are you, Jordan?” When he gets off the bus, Danielle says, “See you tomorrow, Jordan.”

Now and then, Jerilynn picks up small gifts for Jordan to give Danielle. “Danielle is his first real friend,” Jerilynn says with gratitude.

Wayfinder’s Special Education School increases life skills and independence for students like Jordan and Danielle. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to reach their full potential. Danielle and Jordan’s sweet friendship is helping them both achieve greater well-being.

September 27, 2023