A Special Gift for the 2023 Holidays

What’s the impact of a gift card?


“I’ve never had a teddy bear before.”
Michelle is 5 years old and recently entered foster care after years of being neglected at home. She’s never received a gift, even on her birthday. Help give Michelle the number one item on her wish list: a teddy bear she has already named “Mimi.”


“Our hearts are full.”
Little Joshua is in our Child Development Program. He was born prematurely and received medical treatment
that left him blind. His devoted parents and grandparents all work multiple jobs to support their family and
Joshua’s ongoing medical needs. A gift card helps them purchase ingredients for a special holiday meal. They
spend the day in the kitchen with Joshua, letting him feel and smell the different elements of the meal while
listening to holiday tunes. “We don’t have much but our hearts are full,” says Joshua’s mother, Lyn.


“I want him to believe in Santa.”
Richard and his little brother were placed in foster care last year just before the holidays. His foster parents
told him they wanted to give him an allowance that he could save or spend on whatever he wanted. But Richard
asked his foster parents if he could use his new allowance to buy gifts for his little brother. “I want to leave him
lots of toys under the tree so that he knows Santa can still find us. I want him to believe in Santa.”


Join our gift card drive today! Your donation will help make a holiday wish come true.

December 19, 2023