Annual Report 2020 – Q&A with Board Chair Elworth (Brent) Williams, Jr.

 Board Chair Elworth (Brent) Williams, Jr. of Wayfinder Family Services

Wayfinder merged with Lilliput Families at the end of 2019-20.
How do the organizations’ values align?

We are very happy that Lilliput has become a part of Wayfinder. Our values are completely aligned. Lilliput is in Sacramento County, and it is recognized throughout California for its high-quality services for children in the child welfare system. Lilliput is particularly known for its expertise in kinship care, which is when extended family members or close family friends raise children when their parents cannot. We are excited about blending the unique skills of each agency to make us a stronger organization. The merger unites two organizations that maintain the highest quality in child welfare programs. Together, we are building healthier families and finding loving homes for children across the state.

What value stands out to you this year?
Wayfinder added “Family” as a value when it merged with Lilliput Families. I was lucky to come from a loving family. I grew up in a developing country, where large, extended families are very important as a support system. My parents were both educators—my father a math teacher and my mother the principal of a school. So they worked hard to ensure that my brothers and sisters and I got an education. Unfortunately, not every child’s family has the connections and support they need. Wayfinder’s work is to fill that gap. You know the saying, it takes a village to raise a child? I would amend that to say, it takes a village to support a family. Wayfinder is that village. Wayfinder is there for a family that needs to support the development of an infant with multiple disabilities. Wayfinder is there to provide support and connections to a family that is raising a foster child who has mental health challenges. I’m very proud to be part of Wayfinder’s work in living its “Family” value.

December 15, 2020