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Adoption Support Mentors Needed in Los Angeles!
Join Wayfinder and become a mentor to parents or children going through the adoption process:


Parent Mentors: Are you an adoptive parent who wants to help other parents navigate their adoption journey?
Adoptive parents who completed the adoption process will partner with parents currently going through a challenging adoption.

Child Mentors: Are you an adult who was adopted as a child? Do you want to help a child through their adoption journey?
Adult adoptees will partner with a child currently being adopted from foster care.

More information about mentorship
As part of a desire to increase permanency for children in Los Angeles County, the Adoption Promotion and Support Services (APSS) program acts as a resource for adoptive families and families considering adoption. Wayfinder’s APSS program is designed to help children and non-minor dependents during and after their adoption journey, and to facilitate connections with adoptive parents and families who can offer a nurturing, supportive and stable environment.

Wayfinder’s APSS mentors will be trained and supported by our staff. This mentorship requires ongoing phone contact and an in-person meeting every three months. Stipends are available for mentors.

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More about Wayfinder’s Foster Care and Adoption Services
Wayfinder provides training, education and support to prospective and adoptive parents to help them navigate the challenges of caring for children who have been exposed to physical, sexual and mental abuse, as well as general neglect and other trauma.

A full-time, professional-level social worker provides core case-management services. Wayfinder also provides parent education, support and discussion groups, and linkage and referrals for any services not currently provided by our programs. We assess the unique needs of each family and attempt to intervene and offer resources to assist the family and stabilize the family unit.

Support groups occur on monthly basis and are an important way for adoptive parents to connect with other adoptive parents and for children to connect with other children who are going through similar challenges.

Our approach encourages the development and strengthening of parental protective factors, consistent with the Family Strengthening and Support Approach and the Protective Factors Framework, while consistently addressing the Seven Core Issues of Adoption.

February 25, 2020