Bertha Preciado is a Wayfinder Meet Bertha Preciado, Early Intervention Specialist

How do you bring Wayfinder Family Services’ mission to life?
In Early Intervention, we are working with families that are still coming to terms with what their child is going through. We are being empathetic, understanding and optimistic. I like to build a friendship with the family. We have a professional relationship, but families will open up more about what they are going through if I have a connection with them. I want to get to know them as people, as parents—the whole family.

What does being a Wayfinder mean to you?
At Wayfinder, we are working together to try to find different ways to help a family in early intervention, youth services, sometimes services for the whole family. We will find a way!

Can you share one of your favorite Wayfinder moments?
Angeline was the first baby I got during the pandemic. I had worked in person with all my other families before the pandemic. But I had never met Angeline’s family in person or been inside their home to provide services. I was very curious—and worried—to see how telehealth would go with a new child I had never met in person. When we started doing videoconferencing, I saw her dad working with Angeline like I would work with her. When we introduced high-contrast, black-and-white cards to stimulate her vision, she was curious about the cards. I thought, “This is working! We can do this through telehealth.” I was very happy.




Thanks to your support, we are proud of all we have done for Wayfinder’s residents, children and families in the past year:

20,000+ Zoom sessions
All of our programs remained uninterrupted even during the early days of quarantine thanks to our staff quickly pivoting to remote services.

70,352 items of PPE
Wayfinder procured masks, gowns, face shields, goggles and more to protect our staff, residents and families.

12,522 porch drops
Wayfinder staff dropped off groceries, cleaning supplies, masks, educational materials, lessons and more to our families in need.

6,700 gift cards. toys, books, clothes and shoes
Wayfinder’s residents, children and families received holiday gift cards, toys, shoes and clothing thanks to generous donors.

Would you like to help?
Visit to make a donation or read more about our Impact Coumcil on page 6 to get involved.


April 28, 2021