Camp Bloomfield Woolsey Fire Update

*update* Although the Malibu site was destroyed, Camp Bloomfield lives on! Please check our program page for details.

Wayfinder Family Services is sorry to report that our Camp Bloomfield site in Malibu, California, was destroyed by the Woolsey Fire. The American flag—at half-staff in mourning for the lives lost in the tragic shooting in Thousand Oaks—is still waving bravely on its flagpole. Mike Bloomfield, our longtime camp manager, and his family safely evacuated from the camp. We are so thankful that camp was not in session, and no campers or other staff were present.

Our hearts go out to Mike, the entire Bloomfield family and the victims of the devastating fires across California. We are grateful to the firefighters who are putting their lives on the line to protect the lives and property of thousands.

As we reflect on the loss of camp, we are reminded that it was the property that was destroyed—not the spirit of Camp Bloomfield. Camp Bloomfield lives in everyone who has experienced the triumphs, magical moments and friendships created there each summer for 60 years. We are humbled by the outpouring of support. We thank the many campers, camp counselors, families and volunteers who shared with us their treasured memories of Camp Bloomfield:

Many fond memories from 6th grade camp there years ago! I remember my camp name was “Fern.” So glad everyone is safe but so sad to lose such an amazing place. – Camper

My name is Zaire and I went to Camp Bloomfield when I was five years old. I still remember that fun place. I just turned 37 yesterday and I was and still am heartbroken about the camp burning down. – Camper

Everyone is commenting about the positive effects Camp Bloomfield had on their children. Well, that extends to the staff as well! I was in college when I worked there and it changed the course of my life. I had planned on a career in general education but after my experience at Camp Bloomfield, I chose to work with children with disabilities. I have been doing so for the past 40 years! Camp Bloomfield is a life changing experience. – Counselor

The process of assessing and addressing the damage will be long and complicated. However, our absolute priority is ensuring that Wayfinder children and families have a camp experience in summer 2019.

Many people have asked how they can help us bring that vision to life. If you would like, you can support Wayfinder by donating or starting a campaign at

Thank you for your concern and support.

November 15, 2018