Does the Tooth Fairy Come During COVID?

“Can the Tooth Fairy find me here?”

James, age 6, was worried. He lost his first tooth while staying at The Cottage, Wayfinder’s shelter for children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect. James had come to The Cottage because his mother, who was struggling with drug addiction, neglected him. Concerned neighbors saw the little boy’s health and appearance deteriorate. His condition worsened during the Covid-19 quarantine. They called the police to report their concerns.

James arrived at Wayfinder wearing dirty clothes, hungry, confused and exhausted. He had been through so much. The Cottage immediately became his safe haven. But would the Tooth Fairy know where he was when his loose tooth came out?

With help from friends like you, Wayfinder gives children loving care—including the joyful moments of childhood, like the magic of the Tooth Fairy. Please consider a gift today.

When James first arrived at The Cottage, Wayfinder’s social workers began searching for a relative or foster family to care for him. Our Cottage staff made James feel loved. After taking a shower, he received three new outfits plus his own laundered clothes. His eyes lit up when he saw his room with a comfortable bed and fresh sheets. He smiled when a Cottage counselor handed him books and toys to play with. Our mental health therapist assessed the level of trauma James had experienced. She listened as James talked about his mother and his fear of what would come next.

During dinner with other children and counselors, James exclaimed with excitement, “My tooth!” His tooth had come out. The boy proudly displayed the gap in his smile. But his joy quickly turned to worry. James stopped smiling. Our counselor Greg noticed right away and asked how James was feeling. With apprehension, James asked Greg, “Can the Tooth Fairy find me here?”

Greg knew, without a doubt, that the Tooth Fairy would visit The Cottage that night. When James woke up the next morning, the hopeful boy looked under his pillow. The Tooth Fairy had left him money! He smiled a broad, gap-toothed grin. “She knew it was safe to come here, so she found me,” James said.

Like everyone at Wayfinder, Greg is committed to making life safer and kinder for children who have been abused and neglected. “I believe that even though these kids are in a shelter, we still have to celebrate holidays or milestones like this,” Greg says. “It’s really important.”

At Wayfinder, we know that even a small gesture—like a visit from the Tooth Fairy—can make all the difference to a scared child whose world has been turned upside down.

Like us, you believe that each child deserves safety and happiness. Will you please join us in providing a safe haven and joyful moments to children? Please make the most generous gift you can today. We would be especially grateful if you would set up a monthly donation to Wayfinder to ensure ongoing assistance for children like James. Because of you, Wayfinder offers its services free of charge.

During this pandemic, Wayfinder is continuing all its crucial services for children. Those with disabilities, those without a home of their own, those who have been abused and many, many more.

The economic downturn associated with Covid 19 will increase the need for our services. Families will have fewer resources and more stress, which historically results in more abuse and neglect. Thank you for assisting us in this time of great need.

Please join Greg and me in bringing joy to a child’s life. Your gift can make a child like James feel special and loved.


Note: Name and details were changed and stock photography was used to protect child’s privacy.

July 15, 2020