Fall 2020 – Q&A with Miki Jordan – Wayfinder Family Services President & CEO

Wayfinder Family Services President & CEO

How is Wayfinder responding to calls for greater equity?

We believe Black lives matter. Wayfinder is committed to real and lasting societal change and to being a part of the solution. The health and economic impact of the pandemic is disproportionately ravaging communities of color that suffer from generations of prejudice, poverty and racism. This is a call to action for every one of us to stand up in support of equity and justice and against injustice and racism. Wayfinder has taken important steps:

  • In all our work, we strive to improve our clients’ access to health and well-being, economic opportunity, educational success, and safety and resilience.
  • One of the four pillars of our strategic plan is Advancing Equity. We are committed to continuing to diversify our leadership, ensuring staff from underrepresented groups have opportunities to become leaders, and engaging our clients in service design and goal setting.
  • In 2019, Wayfinder formed an Inclusion Council of employees who are championing equity and fostering open discussions in our organization.
  • Last year, we began offering implicit bias training to our workforce and leadership.
    We recognize we can and must do more. We will listen and learn. We will continue to stand together for diversity, inclusion, justice and equity.

What can the curb-cut effect teach us about equity?

We recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which ensured that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Norm Kaplan recognized the need for equity more than 65 years ago when he founded Junior Blind.

The ADA established accessibility standards for public spaces, like cut- outs in curbs so that people in wheelchairs could be more independent. It turned out that curb cuts benefitted many people—travelers pulling wheeled suitcases, parents pushing strollers, bicyclists, delivery people and more. The curb-cut effect shows us that meeting the needs of the most vulnerable benefits us all.


Please consider supporting children and families during the COVID-19 crisis.

For 67 years, Wayfinder and friends like you have been stepping up and standing in the gap for families in need. Your gift can provide:

  • Diapers and formula for two weeks for an infant ($50)
  • 20 meals for children in our programs ($100)
  • One day of 1-to-1 individual care for a child with a disability ($250)
  • 30 hours of extra cleaning of our facilities ($500)
  • 30 hours of additional nursing staff time ($1,000)
  • Increased inventory of protective equipment and supplies for our staff ($2,500)
  • A fully equipped isolation facility for Wayfinder clients in the event of infection ($5,000)

September 4, 2020