Fernando Almodovar is a Wayfinder

photo of fernando almodovar

Meet Fernando Almodovar, Wayfinder’s new chief financial officer.

How will you bring Wayfinder’s mission to life?

I began my career in the for-profit sector, but my most fulfilling work has been for the past 16 years in the nonprofit world. I have discovered that my for-profit experience and skills can help advance the work of mission-driven organizations like Wayfinder.

As CFO of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, I led the acquisition and integration of another nonprofit to help the Fund grow and gain economies of scale. I am looking forward to applying this experience to Wayfinder’s growth as we increase our efficiency so that we can make a greater impact across California.

What does being a Wayfinder mean to you?

I have a family member who has profound autism and has the best possible life because of an intricate network of supportive programs and services. To me, being a Wayfinder means being part of that intricate web of support for families and communities.

What have you heard about the impact of Wayfinder Family Services? (We like to call them  “Wayfinder Moments!”)

During the interview process, I  learned about a participant in  Wayfinder’s Davidson Program for Independence. Brittany was college-bound high schooler when she was hit by a stray bullet, resulting in vision loss. This experience did not deter her from attaining the goal of going to college and obtaining a degree. It took a bit longer because of what she had to overcome, but with help from Wayfinder, she was able to reach her goals of getting a college degree, meaningful employment and, in the process, she became a role model to others who have to face similar challenges. This story resonated with me and I am looking forward to hearing about many more “Wayfinder Moments” like this.


February 17, 2022