From Zero Children to Four in Four Years

Seana smiles at camera

In her position, Seana oversees the foster care program in Wayfinder’s Ontario location and runs the adoption program across all offices. Seana has a deep understanding of the struggles and rewards of fostering and adopting children because she has two adopted daughters.

After eight years of marriage and no children, Seana was saving for an international adoption. Then she learned that two very young girls in a family she was acquainted with had been detained by child welfare. “No one in their immediate family stepped up,” Seana recalls. She told her then-husband, “We can’t just leave them there.” They became foster parents to the 6-day-old and 10-month-old sisters.

They quickly became a family. “I was hooked,” Seana says. “I loved them. They were my daughters.” But fate had more in store for Seana. “I finalized the adoption on a Tuesday, found out I was pregnant on Thursday, and one year later had a fourth child,” Seana says. “I went from zero to four in four years.”

Today, daughters Sakina and Zyanya are 13 and 12, respectively. Son Zolton is 9, and daughter Xichel is 8. While that might be enough action for most people, Seana also runs a nonprofit animal rescue on her one-acre property with 36 animals now. “My life is intense,” she says, “but I’m so blessed.”

December 18, 2018