Davidson Program for Independence

The Davidson Program for Independence is a comprehensive residential rehabilitation program that gives adults and young adults who are blind or visually impaired the ability to learn independent living skills to help them lead fuller, more productive lives through specialized training and one-on-one guidance.

The program, is available to all adults ages 18 and older who are blind or visually impaired, . The program offers training in Braille and assistive technologies, as well as orientation and mobility training to allow safer, autonomous travel for blind or visually impaired individuals in their homes, communities, and workplaces.

This comprehensive residential rehabilitation program takes place on Wayfinder’s Los Angeles campus. Our campus offers amenities including a gymnasium, fitness room, swimming pool, hot tub and even a bowling alley! Our campus has convenient access to local public transportation.

During the program, participants will receive individualized training and instruction in:

  • Orientation and mobility, including white cane skills, crossing streets and using public transportation 
  • Braille reading and writing, with full access to a Braille library 
  • Assistive technologies in our state-of-the-art computer technology center 
  • Two fully equipped training apartments for real-world experience and development of independent living skills

Ready to take your next steps towards independence? Click Here to read more about the Davidson Program for Independence.

May 23, 2018