Leslie Oropeza is a Wayfinder

Leslie Oropeza

Meet our Executive Director of Foster Care and Adoption Services

Leslie Oropeza is recognized for her ability to nurture relationships with our children, families and community partners. We asked her what being a Wayfinder means to her.

How do you bring Wayfinder Family Services’ mission to life?

I am motivated by our children growing and thriving in a nurturing environment. My work helps them reach the stability that every child deserves.

What’s your Wayfinder compass: the value you most connect with?

We put people first. Our first priority is our children and our goal is to ensure that they have a place where their needs are met. It is one of the most fulfilling experiences to be able to work every day with social workers and people who give their time and support in order to serve our children.

Can you share one of your favorite Wayfinder moments?

To know that I contribute in some way toward a child’s permanency with a foster or adoptive family is the most fulfilling feeling in my career. I consider myself extremely fortunate and grateful to be of service to the little ones in our program and take part in their joy.

December 6, 2018