Linda Myerson Dean

Linda Myerson Dean

Continuing the family tradition of giving and service

Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Leader. These words describe Wayfinder Board Member Linda Myerson Dean. And these traits run deep in Linda’s family.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Linda is the granddaughter of candy manufacturer Ben Myerson, who opened Ben Myerson Candy Company in 1937. Best known for Sunkist Fruit Gems, the company was sold to Jelly Belly Candy Company in 2006.

The Myersons continued building Wine Warehouse, their beverage wholesale division. Today, Wine Warehouse is one of the largest distributors of premium alcoholic beverages in the United States. Linda, who joined the company after college, is the senior vice president and co-owner.

Despite Linda’s busy professional career, service to the community is one of her top priorities. “When I was 16, I was Meals on Wheels’ youngest volunteer,” says Linda. “Delivering food and visiting mostly elderly, housebound adults changed my life. Helping others became a passion.”

Linda credits her grandfather Ben for setting an example for giving back. “He would send a little bit of money to every organization that asked,” recalls Linda. “He wasn’t an extremely wealthy man, but he believed that if everyone gave a little bit, the world would be a better place.”

And it was Ben Myerson’s legacy that led Linda to Wayfinder. Ben and his wife, Edna, were close friends with Davre and Charlotte Davidson, founders of Aramark. Davre and Charlotte, beloved donors and members of the Wayfinder family, were instrumental in the organization’s success and growth, devoting countless hours to board leadership and volunteer work. Harold Davidson, Davre and Charlotte’s son, invited Linda to visit Wayfinder. “When I met Miki Jordan, I was impressed with her dynamic and strong leadership,” says Linda. “I knew an investment in Wayfinder would be an investment in the future of so many young people who need and deserve the services it provides.”

The Davidson and Myerson traditions of support continue today. Linda, Harold Davidson and Scott Farkas (Harold’s nephew and Wayfinder’s board chair) are all on Wayfinder’s board. In addition, Linda chairs Wayfinder’s development committee.

“Our society needs a beacon of hope for our most vulnerable,” says Linda. “Wayfinder is that beacon, and I am so proud to be a part of it.”•

May 2, 2018