Meet Lindsey Fudge Member of the Community Council

Dynamic, connected, committed—Lindsey Fudge is all these and more. Wayfinder is fortunate to have her as a member of the Community Council.

Lindsey was already aware of Wayfinder’s presence in Sacramento when she met a member of Wayfinder’s fundraising team at a leadership event in 2019. “I was so impressed by what Wayfinder was doing for families and children in the community,” Lindsey remembers. “I said I would reach out to Wayfinder about getting involved when the time was right for me.”

True to her word, Lindsey contacted Wayfinder at the end of 2022 and joined the Community Council in March 2023. “I was so fond of the mission statement,” she says. “I was looking for an organization that I could have more involvement with by using my skills. I like to organize, gather people and get companies involved.”

Lindsey is already successful in attracting support to the organization. Wayfinder’s annual Derby Day fundraiser is one of her favorite events. “It’s an amazing event that’s really set apart from any other in Sacramento,” she says. Last year, she brought 20 people who had not attended before to Derby Day. Thirty of Lindsey’s friends came to a wine tasting at Bogle Winery that benefitted Wayfinder. At California Bank of Commerce, where she is senior vice president and head of commercial real estate, she organized a toy drive that brought holiday joy to the children in Wayfinder’s foster care, adoption and kinship programs.

On the Community Council, Lindsey is working with her fellow members to promote Wayfinder throughout the state. “We’ve got a great group of people,” she says. “As we continue to grow, we will have a tremendous year in fundraising and in raising awareness of Wayfinder’s benefit to our community. I am looking forward to what’s to come.”

Save the date for Derby Day 2024 on Saturday May 4 at Mulvaney’s in Sacramento!
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February 20, 2024