Meet Anita Siraki Member of Wayfinder’s Impact Council

On a human level, I believe we are all here to be of service and to love,” says Anita Siraki. “By supporting Wayfinder, I feel I am doing a part of that duty.”

In addition to donating to Wayfinder, Anita is a member of Wayfinder’s Impact Council. The council is a group of professionals who fundraise and raise awareness for Wayfinder.

Anita first learned about Wayfinder through the founders of Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, the company she works for as senior VP of administration in the real estate division. Founders Albert Sweet, who is deceased, and Craig Darian have been longtime supporters of Wayfinder.

Anita volunteered at Wayfinder’s Paralympics, and she was hooked. “It was awe-inspiring watching the children and seeing their excitement, determination and feelings of accomplishment,” Anita recalls. Anita had seen those same emotions on the faces
of students with special needs whom her mother assists as a teacher’s aide. “Her love resonates through her work with the children,” Anita says.

Also on the day of the Paralympics, Anita toured Wayfinder’s Temporary Shelter Care program, known as The Cottage. She was very impressed by the beautiful facilities for children recently removed from their homes for the very first time due to maltreatment.

“I was so honored when Wayfinder asked me to join the Impact Council,” says Anita. “Through Al and Craig, I knew the story of Wayfinder. When Wayfinder asked, after Al had passed, it felt like a beautiful way to honor his memory and to be of service to kids that really need it.”

Anita is enjoying her service on the Impact Council so much that she recruited her best friend to join! Thus far, the council has raised funds for Wayfinder programs, secured new donors and introduced Wayfinder to major corporations to establish partnerships and attract funding. Council members obtained many donations of toys and gift cards for Wayfinder clients as part of the annual holiday toy drive.

Being an ambassador for Wayfinder’s important work is meaningful to Anita. “We are planning more fundraising events,” Anita says. “We are going to introduce more people to Wayfinder’s inspiring mission.”

You can join Anita and become part of Wayfinder’s future by investing your time or making a donation. Please step up and stand in the gap for children and families.

Are you interested in joining the Impact Council?
Contact Vanessa Botshekan at: or 323-295-4555 x205

September 30, 2022