Meet Camilla Walker, Co-Chair of Wayfinder’s Impact Council

Two years ago, Camilla volunteered at Wayfinder’s Paralympic Games. “It opened my eyes,” Camilla says. “It’s humbling to see these kids who have vision loss playing sports and smiling.” Camilla says the experience put her day-to-day challenges into perspective. She had initially learned about Wayfinder from Brent Williams, chair of Wayfinder’s Board of Directors and her boss’s boss at City National Bank. She is a senior relationship manager/senior vice president who assists corporate clients with banking services.

More recently, Brent also was the person who told Camilla that Wayfinder was looking for members of the new Impact Council—a group of professionals to support Wayfinder’s mission. “Paralympics was such an impactful experience,” says Camilla, “that I’m embarrassed to say it took me two years before I got more involved.”

Camilla relishes the opportunity to launch a new initiative such as the Impact Council. “I like getting involved early and creating the infrastructure,” she says. Camilla believes she can leverage her broad network of contacts and her leadership skills to help Wayfinder. “I am a very, very persistent person,” she says, “and I’m very organized.”

In its first year, the council members intend to grow their number to 12 to 15 people. “We are coming up with ideas to generate fundraising and raise awareness of Wayfinder,” says Camilla. “That is our goal this year.” The council hopes to begin hosting in-person events soon.

Camilla is impressed by her fellow council members. “There is collaboration and teamwork. I’m getting to know people outside my industry. The council has people of so many different backgrounds and industries whom I wouldn’t have a chance to work with otherwise. We can leverage our different talents to put together a good event and raise money and awareness for Wayfinder.”


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November 27, 2021