Meet Frankie Jones

Frankie smiles at camera

Wayfinder Residential Counselor at The Cottage, a Transitional Shelter Care Program

How do you bring Wayfinder Family Services’ mission to life?
I show the residents that when you work for something, you will be rewarded. When you help someone, when you show compassion to someone, compassion will come back to you.

What does being a Wayfinder mean to you?
It’s finding a way to make something that’s impossible possible. It’s making sure you understand the situation and persevering through it all. It’s being hardworking.

Can you share one of your favorite Wayfinder moments?
We are going above and beyond for a resident. Her 15th birthday is coming. Typically in her culture there is a quinceañera We are in the midst of making a quinceañera for her. We are coming in formal dress. We are showing her we care about her well-being and about how she feels every day. We’re partnering with her to get her feedback, her likes and dislikes. She has been here more than once. She’s been placed several times. At first she was an AWOL risk. But we’ve decreased that tremendously. She’s breaking through barriers and challenges.

December 18, 2018