Meet Hector and Maria

Meet Hector and Maria 
Parents of Elena, a Child in the Early Intervention Program

Hector, and Maria smile with their baby Elena

When you first came to Wayfinder, what was your biggest obstacle? What did Wayfinder do to help you overcome it and thrive?
Elena was born at 24 weeks. Our biggest worry was, what was she going to be behind on? And how can we as parents help her? Wayfinder were good guides to help Elena get to where she is now. She was supposed to be behind developmentally, but she is perfect. She is learning from the therapies.

What does being a Wayfinder mean to you?
As new parents, we are learning as we go. But Wayfinder helped us. They showed us what to teach Elena, and what to focus on to help her develop.

Can you share one of your favorite Wayfinder moments?
The bond between Elena and her early intervention specialist, Evelyn, is one of our favorite things. Evelyn was at our home when Elena was taking her first steps. Evelyn is part of the family. She’s special to Elena.

December 18, 2018