Meet Jason Russell Co-Chair of Wayfinder’s Impact Council

Wayfinder Family Services President & CEO

Jason Russell has known about Wayfinder his whole life, beginning when the organization was called Foundation for the Junior Blind. “My grandparents were founding members of the Guiders, a fundraising arm of Junior Blind,” Jason recalls. “My grandparents, uncles, aunts and all of their friends were involved throughout my childhood. My mother was a volunteer in her teen years.”

Jason attended Junior Blind events as a child with his family. He grew up, studied law and became the managing partner and co-founder of Jacobson Russell Saltz Nassim & de la Torre, LLP, an entertainment law firm.

Twenty-two years ago, a friend introduced Jason to two men. Through complete chance, both of the men were on the board of Junior Blind. Jason had been thinking about giving back to his community, and this was a perfect opportunity to reconnect with a nonprofit that meant so much to his family. He joined the board of directors.

“I had a sense of connection through my grandparents, whom I was very close with,” Jason says. “This was something I knew they would be very proud of.” He was astonished at how far the organization had come since his childhood. “They had gone from being a local charity into a regional organization,” Jason remembers. Jason was on the board for nine years and stepped down to make way for new board members.

Time went by… and then in 2021, “I received an interesting proposition,” Jason says. He was invited to join Wayfinder’s Impact Council—a group of young professionals who generate fundraising and raise awareness of Wayfinder. He liked the idea of returning to an organization dear to his heart in a different capacity—in a start-up, boots- on-the-ground role. Jason was one of the first members of the council and agreed to be the co- chair.

Once again, he was impressed by how much Wayfinder had grown. Wayfinder had become a statewide agency and had expanded into foster and adoption services. “To this day, I am impressed with how well run the organization still is,” Jason says.

Jason is excited to be part of the work of the Impact Council. “I hope that we bring in a new generation of people. We want younger people to be aware of this great organization too and perpetuate its existence,” he says.

“Wayfinder reinforces my faith in If someone is thinking about supporting humanity.” Wayfinder, Jason says, “Visit the campus. See where the dollars are going, and who the dollars are serving. This is an organization that helps people who would have nowhere else to turn. Wayfinder reinforces my faith in humanity.”

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June 7, 2022