Meet Melanie

Former Foster Youth in Wayfinder’s Foster Care and Adoption Program

When you first came to Wayfinder, what was your biggest obstacle? What did Wayfinder do to help you overcome it and thrive?
My biggest obstacle was feeling that nobody heard me or believed me. My social worker helped me. She would talk to me on an emotional level. I could talk to her like a counselor or therapist.

What does being a Wayfinder mean to you?
Trying to help somebody else when they don’t feel like they are able to achieve their dreams.

Can you share one of your favorite Wayfinder moments?
When my social worker told me that she was so proud of me for graduating high school, for being strong, for not giving up. Most foster kids, when they turn 18, they leave and become a mess. She told me how proud she was. To this day, we keep contact.

December 18, 2018