Meet Robert Luce, member of Wayfinder’s Impact Council

Robert Luce was looking for a focus for his volunteer efforts. His former colleague, Camilla Walker, co-chair of Wayfinder’s Impact Council had a recommendation— Wayfinder!

“I’d been aware of Wayfinder for a long time and always thought highly of the organization,” Robert says.Camilla described the Impact Council as a group that elevates Wayfinder’s profile in the community to attract more support for the organization. The council was just getting started, and Camilla told Robert he could get in on the
ground floor.

“I was looking for an organization to join that aligns with areas I’m passionate about,” Robert says. “Wayfinder was exactly what I was looking for.” Robert became the third member of the Impact Council.

Robert works for JP Morgan Chase, and his title is Los Angeles market executive, middle market banking and specialized industries. “I manage a group of commercial bankers located in Los Angeles and Hawaii,” he explains. “Our team works together to deliver tailored financial services and solutions to local businesses to help support their growth.”

Since he joined, the Impact Council has added many new members and donors. “With the board of directors, we co-hosted a great event last year—The Conversation about the mental health crisis in Los Angeles” he says. “And we are looking forward to a second gathering for The Conversation on March 7, 2024.”

Robert is proud to be a part of the Impact Council. “Wayfinder is making an impact on the lives of children and families throughout a variety of communities,” he says. “The council helps support and drives the growth of all the amazing programs Wayfinder provides.”

He encourages others to get involved. “If you’re looking for an organization with a great cause and amazing people, Wayfinder is your place,” he says. “They do a great job giving back to the community and have a strong reputation. It’s inspiring to visit the campus and see all the different resources available to help those facing challenges.”


Would you like to make an impact? Join us!

Contact Vanessa Botshekan, Assoc. Vice President for Development & Donor Relations or 323-295-4555 x205


December 19, 2023