Meet Zuber Memon, Member of Wayfinder’s Impact Council

Since 2011, Zuber Memon has combined his professional interests with philanthropic causes. “I have always looked for something to do beyond my work in scaling social impact technologies,” says Zuber.

In 2022, knowing he was going to spend time in Los Angeles while working for a microfinance company in Santa Monica, San Francisco–based Zuber was looking for a cause to support in Southern California. He initially learned about Wayfinder from Otis Blum, a classmate and friend from Stanford Business School and member of Wayfinder’s Impact Council.
“I like Wayfinder’s focus on supporting children, foster homes and mental health,” Zuber says. “Wayfinder’s mental health services for children and young adults was also a fit with my interests. I thought, ‘This is perfect.’”

Zuber joined the Impact Council and started fundraising from his professional network. He describes the ways he secured support for Wayfinder:

“Firstly, I posted about Wayfinder on my LinkedIn and social accounts, describing the work I’m doing for them. That was one way to reach friends or colleagues so they could get to know about Wayfinder’s mission.

“Secondly, I reached out to a select few friends about Wayfinder’s donation drive over the holidays. That led to five people making donations.

“Later, I put in a personal word about Wayfinder’s work to the executives at the microfinance company where I was working to get them interested in supporting Wayfinder in their capacity as L.A.-area residents.”

Zuber’s first in-person contact with his fellow Impact Council members was at The Conversation, Wayfinder’s panel discussion about mental health issues, in November 2022. “I walked away with a short master class about the mental health crisis, which the coronavirus brought to light in the L.A. area,” says Zuber. “I met people who are addressing mental health from different perspectives. It was fascinating.”

At The Conversation, Zuber also learned the extent of Wayfinder’s services. “I had a base level idea,” he says, “but I wasn’t aware of the scale of the impact nor of the programs in Northern California.” Weeks later, Zuber took the opportunity to personally meet Jay Allen, President and CEO of Wayfinder, during his visit to San Francisco and learn more about the organization’s long-term vision and strategic initiatives.

Zuber is glad that he got connected with Wayfinder. “Wayfinder does something meaningful,” he says. “I look forward to supporting Wayfinder over the long term. This is just the beginning!”


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September 27, 2023