Nick Aull is a Wayfinder

image of Nick Aull

If you have vision loss and don’t have a reference for color or shape, what are your dreams like? Nick Aull, then a teenage counselor-in-training at Wayfinder’s Camp Bloomfield, wondered about this and more regarding the life experiences of people with visual impairment.

A camper named Zion told Nick that his dreams were audio-focused. “Hearing about their experiences and the joy they got from this camp was very profound,” Nick remembers. “I saw life from a different perspective.”

Nick’s connection to Wayfinder goes back to his parents, who volunteered at past events, when we were known as Junior Blind. His longtime friend Otis Blum has a similar legacy with Wayfinder. In high school, Nick and Otis signed up together to volunteer at Camp Bloomfield for several summers. “Camp made me appreciate my sight and the other things we take for granted,” Nick says.

Now, Nick is a strategy lead focused on augmented reality at Snapchat in New York, as well as a member of Wayfinder’s Impact Council. The council is a group of young professionals who generate fundraising and increase awareness of Wayfinder.

When the Impact Council formed in 2021 with Otis as a founding member, the first person he recruited to the council was Nick. “It wasn’t hard to recruit me,” Nick recalls. “We both had such great experiences at Camp Bloomfield. It felt really special to go back to Wayfinder and join the council.”

Nick learned that Wayfinder had significantly broadened the types of assistance it offers to children and families in need. “Wayfinder is about supporting people throughout their journey in life,” he says. “Wayfinder gives them tools to find success and happiness.”

On the Impact Council, Nick secured support from Snap Inc. for Wayfinder’s 2021 holiday toy drive and for Snap employees to participate in a career workshop for our Transition Services program. “I’m excited about the future,” Nick says. “There’s lots of opportunity for Wayfinder. I’m excited to be part of the organization.”

Thank you to Nick for his continued service! Join Nick and our dynamic Impact Council and make a difference:

The Wayfinder Impact Council is now accepting applications for new members. This special group of volunteers gives their time, energy and talents to raise awareness and funds for Wayfinder. Wayfinder needs passionate, innovative ambassadors and you can participate virtually!

Contact Vanessa Botshekan, associate vice president of development and donor relations at or 323-295-4555 x205 to learn more.

November 30, 2022