S. Mark Taper Foundation Supports Wayfinder’s Camp Bloomfield

Staff helping child ride a horse at camp

Children with multiple disabilities get to a chance to thrive in a traditional summer camp setting
Malibu, CA (July 1, 2018) Wayfinder Family Services Camp Bloomfield is celebrating its 60th year of giving children with disabilities the chance to experience summer camp just like their peers. The 40-acre campground was donated to the organization by Henry Bloomfield and the Bloomfield Foundation in 1958 and the program is funded exclusively by private donations. This year, the camp has received a generous grant from the S. Mark Taper Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of donors like the S. Mark Taper Foundation, children and their families attend Camp Bloomfield free of charge.

Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains of Malibu, Camp Bloomfield offers campers with multiple disabilities traditional summer camp activities such as horseback riding, archery, swimming, campfire programs and more with the help of special adaptations and highly-trained camp counselors. A registered nurse is also onsite at all times since some of the campers require round-the-clock medical care.

The first official session of the summer is Family Camp, which allows the whole family to enjoy these experiences together. Families are often able to witness what they thought would be unlikely for their child with special needs: swimming laps in the pool, navigating a ropes course or leading a campfire activity.

Alana Herring, described her initial hesitation at allowing her son Pierryae, who was born blind, to attend camp, “A lot of times, we shelter them so they are not so independent.” After attending Family Camp, Alana shared that her hesitation turned into enthusiasm. Pierryae had never been near a horse or been in a swimming pool but at Camp Bloomfield, he discovered he loved horseback riding and swimming. Alana also noticed a change in her son’s personality. The once introverted, skittish boy came out of his shell and now her outgoing 11-year-old says, “I liked how people at camp told me to ‘get rid of the word can’t.’ Yes, I got rid of ‘I can’t!’”

About Wayfinder Family Services and Camp Bloomfield

Formerly known as Junior Blind, Wayfinder Family Services is the place to turn for people facing the greatest challenges. The organization provides expert, individualized support and services to children, youth, adults and families—from people with vision loss and developmental disabilities to children in need of temporary shelter, foster care and adoption.

In 1958, Henry Bloomfield and the Bloomfield Foundation purchased a 40-acre campground in Malibu, California, and donated its use to the organization, so that campers with vision loss could enjoy traditional summer camp experiences. Visit www.WayfinderFamily.org to learn more.


July 1, 2018