Special Education School Tip: Learning Moments During the Day

#WayfinderClassroom tip from our Special Education Principal: “We know that it can be challenging for families to prompt their children through a whole day of functional school activities, but just look for learning moments throughout the day:

For example at meal time, use directional words and prepositions: “Put the straw in the cup” or “the cup is at the top of your placemat.”

You can also let your child be helpful while they learn skills:  Making requests like:  “Please give each person ONE napkin, or Could you pour MORE juice in the cup?”

Finally, our children need to advocate for themselves so look for opportunities to give choices:

This can be as simple as saying, “Do you want another spoonful of food or a drink?  Even eye gaze can be their answer.

Put out two to three toys and ask “Which one?”  Your child can reach out to choose or use eye gaze if they don’t speak, giving them some control or their lives and day.

April 7, 2020