A Special School for Mario

Adriana’s biggest concern has always been what will happen to her son, Mario, after she and her husband pass. Fourteen-year-old Mario was born blind and later diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Mario attended a local public elementary school, but for middle school, his parents sought a more specialized environment. They wanted him to learn how to do practical things, such as cooking or writing Braille.

They enrolled him in our special education school, where children with moderate-to-severe disabilities raise their self-esteem and learn skills to increase their independence.

Mario’s family was especially interested in our school because our teachers are experienced and credentialed. Also, we have professionals in blindness services on staff who could help Mario learn specialized skills, like using a white cane.

Mario has thrived in our school!

“Mario prefers going to school to staying home,” his mother, Adriana says with a smile. “At school, Mario’s always doing something. He cooks, uses his white cane more comfortably and communicates in Braille.”

Adriana noticed a big change at home, too.

“Mario is happier and more confident than before,” she says. “He’s comfortable telling us what he wants, so we know that when he says ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ he means it.”

His sister enjoys playing with him and asking him to do things that used to be hard for him, like serving her a bowl of cereal. Mario likes to show off his new skills.

Adriana recognizes that Mario will need assistance for the rest of his life. But with the skills and self-esteem he’s building at our special education school, she is confident that Mario will enjoy a better quality of life.

“Sending Mario to Wayfinder’s special education school was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made,” Adriana says.

December 22, 2017