Wayfinder Offers You Free Access to Giving Docs, to Easily Create a Will or Estate Plan

To make creating your estate plan easier, Wayfinder Family Services is proud to offer you free access to Giving Docs, a tool used by many across the country to create their estate plans. By having a will or other estate plan, you ensure that the people and causes you care about most are supported in the future. Giving Docs is an easy and free online estate planning tool that many other supporters of Wayfinder Family Services have found helpful. Many supporters have also used their will to leave a gift to Wayfinder and other charities they care about. We hope that you will consider doing the same. Giving Docs makes that easy too!

For more info, visit wayfinderfamily.org/yourplan and get started today! To learn more, contact Randy Sprabary at rsprabary@wayfinderfamily.org

May 9, 2024