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With over 60,000 young people in California’s foster care system, we invite you to learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive resource parent today. Our families represent the cultural diversity of our communities, and we welcome all qualified and nurturing prospective parents to take the  next step, including single parents and LBGTQ+ families.

Wayfinder’s Resource Family Approval (RFA) program in Northern California recruits, supports and prepares families, including relatives and non-related families, to move foster children toward permanent homes. We provide people interested in becoming resource families with orientation, training and assistance in completing the application process. We offer parent groups, and our social workers provide support in families’ homes. The program also provides supervised visitation between the child and birth family members and adoption services. As part of the RFA program, we provide Intensive Services Foster Care for children who need intensive treatment and behavioral supports or who have specialized health care needs.

  • Pre-placement training
  • Matching & pre-placement support
  • Child assessment & trauma-informed services
  • Parent networks & support groups
  • In-home support
  • Ongoing training & support
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Camille is 16 years old. She had a shocking 26 foster family placements over 10 years. A little more than a year ago, Camille’s case came to Wayfinder—changing the trajectory of her life forever. In 2012, Camille and her younger sisters, Maya, age 3, and Dani, age 1, were removed from their home due to their…

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