Annual Report 2019 Board Chair Q&A

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“An equitable world means we can all achieve success and happiness…” —Elworth (Brent) Williams, Jr., Chair of the Board of Directors

What does an equitable world look like?

I grew up in a developing country. Expectations for what is equitable there are different than for someone in the U.S. What is universal, however, is that each person has a desire to pursue happiness, unhindered by how they came into this world. An equitable world means we can all achieve success and happiness—but this is going to be different for each person. In a lot of ways, Wayfinder is helping children and families achieve greater equity relative to their circumstances.

What are your core beliefs?

We are not all blessed with smarts or good looks, but you can control hard work. I always say to my kids, I don’t ask you to be the best, but work your hardest and do your very best. Of all the variables, you can control hard work. This is how I was raised. My parents didn’t come from much, and life was not easy in a developing country. My parents provided so that we all went to college, got degrees and good jobs. Through their hard work, they gave us everything we have.

Accountability goes hand-in-hand with hard work. Do what you say you are going to do and when you say you are going to do it. Dignity resonates with me, too. When I first came to Wayfinder’s Paralympic Games in 2012, it struck me that the games provide dignity, acceptance and participation to so many children with challenges. What Wayfinder does overall as an agency is to provide dignity and belonging.

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January 7, 2020