Annual Report 2019 CEO Q&A

Miki Jordan - Wayfinder Family Services

“We aim to increase inclusion of clients in treatment planning, service design and goal-setting…” — Miki Jordan, PRESIDENT AND CEO

When did equity become a priority for Wayfinder Family Services?

The word “equity” wasn’t used as commonly in 1953 when Norm Kaplan founded the organization. But what Norm wanted was for children with visual impairments to have the same opportunities as sighted children. In a word, Norm wanted equity. As Wayfinder grew and expanded, we have maintained that focus on equity for those who are excluded or underserved.

How will you promote equity, diversity and inclusion over the next three years?

One of the four goals in our strategic plan for 2019 to 2022 is “advancing equity.” We aim to increase inclusion of clients in treatment planning, service design and goal setting for Wayfinder. Also, we will ensure that staff from underrepresented groups have the opportunity to grow and become leaders, and that Wayfinder’s leadership reflects the communities we serve.

What are your core beliefs?

As the CEO of Wayfinder, my guiding values and beliefs are embodied by the philosophy of servant leadership, which is rooted in humility, not authority. The growth and development of staff is one of my highest priorities. I want to empower those who work for me, unlock potential and creativity and align their sense of purpose with Wayfinder’s mission. A big piece of servant leadership is presence. Being there, listening and putting everything else aside so that you can be fully present for someone is the best gift that anyone can give to another person.

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January 7, 2020